Friday, 27 September 2013


My name is Pio and I love being a Tongan boy. I am eight years old I love to play rugby with my brother and my friends. I love school too and I like to learn how to read and write. I love counting the numbers. I live with my mum, dad and my brother. I have no sisters. I love being me.
By Pio


  1. Hi Pio,
    Your work is very interesting I like the way you told lots of things about your self who lived with you and how you used something's about you and your family.

    How long did this amazing piece of writing

    From Teanoano

  2. Hi pio
    i like your work pio

  3. Hello Pio
    I like the way you wrote what you like to learn at school.
    I also like the way you wrote that you are proud to be a Tongan boy.
    My question is who is your favorite rugby player?
    From Kalolaine