Friday, 6 May 2016

Mother's Day's

Mothers are wonderful people. They have lots of important jobs to do. Sometimes they get very tired because of all the cooking and the cleaning as well as looking after the kids.

My wonderful Mother’s name is Sepeta Kupu, (I call her Peta) She likes to cook food for us to eat. She is responsible for two kids,  Pate and me (Pio). Peta is the person who taught me how to make  Tongan food which is Lu Sipi. My Mum is kind enough to drive us to school. Peta is the person who taught me ( Pio ) and Pate to read a book when we were young. I am the person who helps my Mum do the washing.
I am honoured to be her Son because she is the one who cheers me up in every rugby game. My Mother was the person who taught me how to act like a real boy.

Last but not least I love my Mother no matter what. I will always be there to help her when she’s old, I will look after her.    

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