Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Experience about today!

Trip to Cathedral
On Friday the 1st of July St. Pius X School went on a trip to the St Patrick’s Cathedral. We traveled there by bus. We went to the Cathedral because it was the year mercy and we went on a pilgrimage journey which is a journey of Faith and Mercy..

Once we arrived  we waited outside the Cathedral then we walked into the door of mercy which the bishop had blessed.. We walked inside and we touched the holy water and blessed ourselves, and genuflected then went to sit down..

After that Fr Larry started singing and coming up to the Altar which was the main place where all priests stays. Later on the mass kept on going until after communion. Later on Mrs Tui told us to sing a song while the Parish members were going up for Communion, we had to sing bread broken, wine shared.

Later on we all had to go to the altar so we can take a school photos. After that Fr Larry gave us a little tour around the church, the first thing he told us were the Stained Glass Windows. On the Stained Windows there was a picture of Jesus and Mary on the day of Assumption.

Meanwhile Mrs Tui told us that we can go for morning tea which will be held in the Parish Hall. After morning we had to come back to school so we can go back to school. We had the most exciting day.  

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