Thursday, 7 July 2016

School Trip To Marae!!

On such a beautiful day our school which is St Pius x School went on a visit to Ruapotaka Marae which was behind the Te Oro building. Once I got to school everyone was ready with their neat/tidy uniform,
Appropriate footwear to wear for a walk.. Everyone was ready to take a walk to the Marae which is located in Line Road/Glen Innes.

Once everyone was ready, everyone stood up and started walking down the driveway to walk to the Marae. While we were walking I was talking to my soul friend which was Langilangi, he was a person who was also shy to go to the Marae.

Once we got there everyone gathered together at the gate so Analei and a member of the Marae can start us off with the Powhiri. Once that was finished we had to take off our shoes because shoes were not acceptable for the Marae ( New rule for me ). When
I stepped inside the WhareNui we had to find our seats so I sat at the back of the boys that were in the front ( Warriors ).

After that the boys of the Marae said a speech to all of us in Maori because only mens can say speech not women's. Later on the warriors at the front had to go up and do the Hongi with the members of the Marae. Meanwhile we had to go and have our morning tea. I was so hungry I couldn’t breathe properly.

After morning tea we all gathered together in the hall because we had to some activities. After morning tea the bus came and picked us up so we can go to tech. We had the most exciting day.

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