Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Holy Communion

On the 28th of August, I had my first Holy Communion my First Confirmation. I was really nervous because I had to stand up in front of a huge amount of people and being blessed.

When I was walking the aisle I started to shake because I didn’t know what to do, so then I went and sat down at the front seats where all the 21 candidate were sitting.

My brother and I were wearing Tongan Clothes to represent our culture. Joshua and his family were wearing tongan clothes as well. There were a huge crowd there to support their children in receiving their first Holy Communion and their First Confirmation.  

The mass was very long and I was really hungry for the food that my Aunties and Uncles were cooking at home. When the mass ended, we took photos with Bishop Patrick Dunn and also Father Felise. I was really happy to meet the Bishop of New Zealand in person.

When we got home we all as a family celebrated by having a feed.
This is a day that I will never forget.

Thank you


  1. Hi Pio! I really enjoyed this piece of writing. I liked the way you explained how you felt getting your first Holy Communion and Confirmation. I am really looking forward to seeing more posts like this. Keep it up!

  2. Pio I really enjoyed your writing about your holy communion because you spilled out all your feelings from what you had when you had your holy communion.
    I really liked your story because we had our holy communions on the same day.
    It would help if you read your story to make sense.
    Good work Pio!

  3. Pio,
    I really enjoy your masterpiece.I like how you explained how you were nervous and you were shaking (shake Shakey) because you did not know what you were doing.Good work Pio keep it up!

  4. Hey Pio, I like reading you Holiday and I like the you were told us how you feel

  5. I like the way you look at much oh Pio you should go and love yourself